Dorothy Boyd Sailer Tea Set

0 Posted by - January 8, 2016 - Dorothy Boyd Sailer, SOLD

1420. Dorothy Boyd Sailer 4 pieces hammered copper, silver-plated tea set consisting of tray, tea pot, sugar and creamer.  Sailer was a friend and student of Agatha van Erp.  This set came from the Sailer Family estate.  The tray is signed and dated 1955 and the tea pot is signed and dated 1967.  Tray measures 18″w x 11 5/8″.  The tea pot measures 12″h x 9″w x 4.5″d SOLD

DorothyBoydSailerTeaSet1 DorothyBoydSailerTeaSet5 DorothyBoydSailerTeaSet4 DorothyBoydSailerTeaSet3 DorothyBoydSailerTeaSet2 DorothyBoydSailerTeaSet6