3. Grove Park Inn 2024 Day 2

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3. Clara Scott Hurst (1889-1987) Kirwin, Kansas Hand-Carved Vase c1910.  Signed.  Invisible professional restoration to small drill hole, otherwise perfect condition.  7″h $2200

Clara Scott Hurst was born December 27, 1889 to Ella Joslyn Scott and David Duffield Scott on a farm southeast of Kirwin, Kansas. She attended Washburn College and then left to receive private tutors. She studied ceramics under Kathryn Lindsay Perkins, oils under George M. Stone and Birger Sandzen.

She married James Wallace Hurst in 1918. They had one son, my father David Henry Hurst. Her accomplishments were that she spent her life as an artist.

Her work has been exhibited in Topeka, Kansas City, Chicago, New York, San Francisco and Paris. One of her titles “Catherine” hangs in my home and was in the Exhibit of Contemporary Art at the New York Worlds Fair during 1939. She died on June 14, 1987 and is buried in Kirwin, Kansas.