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Inventory Updated August 1st, 2014


83. Charles Rohlfs Oak Candlestick 13.5"h x 13"w x 4.25"d $5500
84. Limbert #819 Paddle-Arm Rocker 35"h x 32"w x 36"d $4500
85. Early L&JG Stickley Onondaga Double Bench 48"w x 39"h x 22"d $4500
86. Harden Furn Co Slatted Morris Chair 41"h x 31.5"w x 35"d $3200
87. Gustav Stickley #660 Plant Stand 20"h x 18"sq $1800
88. Pr Old Mission Kopper Kraft Eucalyptus Bookends 5.5"h x 6"w $2500
89. Old Mission Kopper Kraft Eucalyptus Bowl 9"d $2500
90. Shreve & Co Sterling Compote 6.25"h x 5.5"d $750. Art Silver Co Chicago 6" Sterling Vase $750
91. Roycroft Hammered Copper & Mica Helmet Lamp 14"h x 10"d $4800
92. Arts & Crafts Period Piano Lamp c1910 16"d $950
93. Brooks Furn Co Square Taboret 18"h x 14"sq $950
94. Arequipa Matte Green Vase 8.75"h $2800
95. Mich Chair Co Spindled Taboret 20"h x 15"sq $950
96. Clewell Copper-Clad Bowl 8"d $275
97. Navajo Storm Pattern Rug c1920s 65" x 40" $1800
98. L&JG Stickley Clip-Corner Lamp Table 28"h x 24"sq $2200


1. View of Our Gallery July 25th 2014
2. L&JG Stickley Two-Door Bookcase 52"w x 55"h x 12"d $7500
3. JM Young Oval Table 36"w 28"d x 29"h SOLD Early Gustav Stickley Bungalow Armchair c1900 40.5"h x 25"w x 20"d $2200
4. Handel "Cotton-Bale" Overlay Lamp 24"h x 20"d $11,000
5. L&JG Stickley Slatted Rocker 39"h x 31.5"w x 33"d $3800
6. Limbert 3-Door Bookcase 57.5"h x 66.6"w x 14.25"d $8500
7. Set of 4 Gustav Stickley #306 Dining Chairs 35"h x 16"w x 16"d $2800
8. L&JG Stickley 5-Leg Dining Table with 3 Leaves 48"d x 29.5"h (Extends to 84" x 48") $4500
9. Mission Oak Coffee Table 36"w x 22"d x 19"h $1200
10. Gustav Stickley Umbrella Stand 33.5"h x 20.5"w x 11.5"d $1500
11. L&JG Stickley Sideboard 46.25"h x 48"w x 22"d $4500
12. Limbert Open-Shelf Server 36"w x 30"h x 16"d $2500
13. Lifetime Furn Co Spanish Revival Corner Cabinet c1920 64"h x 36"w x 25.75"d $6500
14. Gustav Stickley Double Costumer aka Double Coatrack 72"h x 22"d x 13.5"w $2500, Roycroft Sidechair 44"h x 17"w x 17"d $1500
15. Gustav Stickley #604 Tea Table 25.75"h x 20"d $1800
16. Gustav Stickley #369 Bentarm Morris Chair 41"h x 32.5"w x 37.5"d $9500
17. Stickley Bros #379 Side Chair $950, Small Limbert Desk 38"h x 30"w x 21"d $2500
18. Rare Limbert Sofa Table #1112 66"w x 29"h x 21"d $12,000
19. Gustav Stickley Trestle Table 48" x 28"d x 29"h $2800
20. Handel Oak Tree Overlay Lamp 24"h x 18"d $9500
21. L&JG Stickley Heavy Strap-Hinged Sideboard 54"w x 48.25"h x 24.5"d $7500
22. L&JG Stickley 7-Drawer Sideboard 54"w x 48"h x 22"d $6500
23. Limbert 2-Door China Cabinet 63"h x 46"w x 16"d $4800
24. Limbert Evenarm Settle 91"w x 33.25"d x 31"h $9500
25. L&JG Stickley Bowarm Rocker 37"h x 31.5"w x 33"d $5500, Gustav Stickley Child's Table 24"d x 20"h $2200
26. Gustav Stickley #2342 Morris Chair 44"h x 31.5"w x 33"d $8500
27. Early Limbert Matching Telephone Stand #261 & Chair $1500
28. Limbert #146 Cutout Oval Table 44.5"w 29.75"d x 29.25"h $3800
29. Large Dirk van Erp Hammered Copper & Mica 4-Socket Rivetbase Lamp (Unsigned) Made by van Erp Worker Hannah Bynon c1910 22.5"h x 20"d $18,000
30. Gustav Stickley Sheet Music Stand Shelf 39"h x 22"w x 15"d $4500
31. Bernard Maybeck - Alexander Forbes Walnut Sidechair (Same design as Swedenborgian Church Chair by Maybeck) Made of Walnut c1894 36.25"h x 20.75"w x 19.5"d $15000
32. Early Gustav Stickley Strap-Hinge Dropfront Desk c1903 47.5"h x 33"w x 14"d $9500
33. Shop of the Crafters Inlaid Hanging Plate Rack 39.5"w x 33"h x 10"d $4500
34. Mission Oak Dropfront Secretary Bookcase 48"w x 46.25"h x 15"d $2500, Stickley Bros Cutout Lamp 13.25"h $4500
35. Grand Rapids Rectangular Dining Table with 5 Leaves 48"sq x 30.5"h (106" x 48 with Levaes) $7500, Set of 10 Prairie School Dining Chairs c1910 $7500
36. Stickley Bros 2-Door Bookcase 55.5"h x 37"w x 12.75"d $3500
37. Exquisite Fred Brosi Hammered Copper & Mica 6-Sided Lamp 22.5"h x 18"d $15,000
38. Navajo Eye-Dazzler Rug c1920s 55" x 42" $1600
39. Extremely Rare Roycroft Lantern made for The Grove Park Inn, Asheville, NC 9.5"w x 12.5"d x 23"h $9500
40. Early Gustav Stickley "Thornden" Side Chair c1902 35"h x 17.75"w x 17"d $1500
41. L&JG Stickley #540 Lamp Table 24"d x 29"h $2500
42. Handel Heart-Border Overlay Lamp 21.5"h x 18"d $4500
43. McHugh Furn Co Desk c1898 39"h x 48"w x 30"d $5500
44. L&JG Stickley #471 Morris Chair 43"h x 31.75"w x 35.25"d $4800
45. Limbert Ebon-Oak Dresser made for The Mission Inn Riverside, CA c1912 70.75"h x 54"w x 23"d $22,000
46. Lifetime Furn Co. Lamp Table 18"d x 29"h $1500
47. L&JG Stickley Onondaga Chestnut Plant Stand 22"h x 13.25"sq $950
48. Stickley Bros Spindled Bookshelf 39"h x 26.5"w x 13"d $2500
49. Stickley Bros Morris Chair with Long-Tapered Arms 38.5"h x 31.5"w x 40"d $4500
50. L&JG Stickley Lamp Table 18"d x 29"h $1500, Benedict Hammered Copper Vase 16"h $950
51. L&JG Stickley Clip-Corner Lamp Table 29"h x 18"sq $1500, Dirk van Erp 7-Sided Fruit Bowl $950
52. Art Nouveau Cabinet c1905 86.25"h x 58.5"w x 20"d $4500
53. Early McHugh or Michigan Chair Co Rocker Based on Bernard Maybeck Design c1898 34"h x 24"w x 33"d $4800
54. Limbert Server 36"w x 38.5"h x 16"d $3200, Benedict Copper Tray 20"w $550
55. Early Gustav Stickley Armchair 37.5"h x 26"w x 23"d SOLD
56. Gustav Stickley Two-Door Bookcase 56"h x 53.75"w x 13"d $7500
57. Handel "Dancing Hearts" Lamp with Bronze Griffin Base 26"h x 20"d $11,000
58. Limbert Pedestal 36"h x 13"sq $3500
59. Pr Gustav Stickley Tallback Spindled Chairs 45.5"h x 19"w x 18"d $6500 pr, Gustav Stickley #602 Taboret 18"h x 16"hd$1200
60. Huge Limbert Partner's Desk 90"w x 44.75"d x 30.75"h $9500
61. Bernard Maybeck Influenced Bay Area Arts & Crafts Armchair c1910 36"h x 25"w $1200
62. Gustav Stickley 2-Door Bookcases 56"h x 42"w x 13"d $6500
63. Mission Oak 2-Door Bookcase Locally Made in Berkeley, CA about 1910 47"h x 45"w x 11.75"d $3500, Stickley Bros Mirror 37.5"w x 20"h $2200
64. L&JG Stickley Bench Settle ( 64"w x 38.5"h x 26"d ) $4500
65. L&JG Stickley L&JG Stickley Library Table 48"w x 29.75'd x 29"h $2500
66. Hammered Copper & Mica Lmap c1910 18.5"h x 12"sq $1500
67. Grand Rapids Furn Co 2-Door China Cabinet 58.75"h x 54"w x 15.5"d $3200
68. Handel Deciduous-Tree Overlay Lamp on Rookwood-Handel Base $9500
69. L&JG Stickley Desk 30"h x 44"w x 27.5"d $2500, Stickley Bros Side Chair $850
70. Handel Desk Lamp $3800
71. Limbert Desk with Side Bookshelves 48"w x 30"d x 29.25"h $3200
72. L&JG Stickley Lamp Table 24"d x 29"h $2200, Fulper Fish Plate 11"d $1500
73. Large Mission Oak Cedar Trunk 48"w x 26"h x 24"d (22"h surface) SOLD
74. Grand Rapids Pedastal 34" h 14"sq $1200
75. Stickley Bros 1-Door Nightstand 33"h x 18"sq $2500
76. Gustav Stickley #604 Tea Table 26"h x 20"d $1800, Large Hammered Copper Jardiniere c1910 14"h x 15"d $950
77. Grand Rapids Dropfront Secretary Desk 56"h x 41"w x 13"d $3200
78. Set of 5 L&JG Stickley Dining Chairs $3750
79. L&JG Stickley 5-Leg Dining Table with 4 Leaves 48"d x 29"h (Extends to 92" x 48") $4500
80. Large Lifetime Furn Co Sideboard 60"w x 54.5"h x 23"d (Top 37"h) $5500
81. Stickley Bros Hall Mirror 21.25"h x 31.5"w $2500
82. Extremely Rare Dirk van Erp Cobra Lamp with Original Square Mica Shade c1911 18"d x 8"h x 6"sq Shade $45,000



We are always actively looking to purchase Stickley, Roycroft, Limbert, Dirk van Erp and other high quality Arts & Crafts pieces.


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